By this time in the quarantine, many of you have done many things virtually. Doctor’s appointments, work, school-the list is endless!

Coaching is no different. In fact, I was trained to have virtual sessions, and in fact many of my first coaching clients were indeed all virtual. Therefore, the transition to virtual coaching was not a difficult one as I was prepared and knew how powerful it can be. I had perfect confidence that clients would experience it similarly.

Virtual sessions give clients the flexibility to have greater options for time selection as there is no commute to manage. It is wonderful for students as they are able to log in from their homes as many of them juggle busy schedules.

Clients are so creative when it comes to where they can choose to have their sessions. Bedrooms, parked cars, outside on a patio…the list is endless!

If you are familiar with my coaching, you are aware that I assign reading and homework, and clients are able to access all documents online.

Facetime and Google meet are the two platforms I use, although a few clients prefer phone audio only.

If you or a loved one is interested in coaching, let’s connect! Growth and a new perspective are just a call away.