They’re Home!

They’re Home!

Your young adult is home from college, or your high school or middle school student has just completed finals, STARR tests, and most importantly finished a year of, well, you know.

Just the fact that they made it is a huge success.

Lets’s talk about not only how to end the school year of masks, virtual learning, ice storms, and social distancing, but to now move on to a brighter future.

First of all, congratulate your student on a successful year. They made it to the end!! They will always remember this year—there is no doubt about that.

Let’s look at how you can help your student step into the future with optimism and hope.

Let them sleep! That’s right! Especially your college-aged children. They are tired. I mean very tired. They have been cooped up in a dorm or apartment, not seeing their friends or professors except on Zoom. Their minds are exhausted. I know you are excited to see them, but they need to recover and reset. Allow them their space.

It’s true that this year was not what they hoped for. Avoid minimizing their feelings or complaints. It truly was not fun for most of them. Validate that it was not optimal and refrain from belittling their disappointments.

Plan something fun! Really fun. Have a family meeting and come up with something special together.

Look toward the future. What do they want next year to look like? Encourage them to create a vision board of what they want to do next year. Do they want to improve skills in a certain area? Chess? Sports? Music? Life is opening up, and this is a great time to take advantage of all that your city offers.

Talk to them about what they learned about themselves this past year—whether it was positive or negative. It is all a growth opportunity. How can they take what they learned and develop strategies for uncertain times? What did they learn about themselves that will help them to make smart life choices going forward?

Did you notice increased anxiety and concern about the future? Does your child seem unsettled and possibly unmotivated? Are you concerned about how they handled the pressures of the past semester? If so, coaching can certainly help! Give me a call or email me to have a talk about how teen and young adult success coaching can help pave a brighter path forward for your child. I always love hearing from you!