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This semester, high school and college students are confronting a potentially virtual, and certainly unpredictable, school year. This past spring, parents were unexpectedly faced with an immediate closure of schools and as a result, few if any plans were in place to function optimally in this new reality.

You can help your child, whether high school or college age, begin this year with a mindset and organizational tools necessary for a smooth transition.

Schneider Coaching Group, LLC is offering a four session package specifically designed to help students to succeed in this environment.

In four action-oriented, no-judgment
sessions, we will:

  • Explore mindset and perspective, with a focus on limiting beliefs or emotions that inhibit success;
  • Identify your child’s strengths and opportunities for improvement;
  • Develop an organizational system that works for your child;
  • Learn the most successful strategies for setting and attaining goals; and
  • Create accountability.

This package includes a series of assessments that will help determine what skills your child needs to address to be successful. Each 50 minute session will be tailored specifically to your child. In addition, text or phone support will be available for up to one month after sessions are completed. The cost is $400.00. Follow up sessions are available throughout the semester for an additional cost. A consultation with parents is also included if requested.

In order to ensure that this program is a good fit for your child, Arlene will consult with the parent initially, and the student must agree to participate.

I am looking forward to working with your student to create new pathways to success!

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Are you the parent you want to be? Has your home become stressful during the teenage/high school years and college application process? It is possible to live these years in harmony with your teenagers. Through the life coaching process, you can learn how to effectively communicate with your teen without judgment or anger.

Empty nest or life transitions? Ready to begin the next chapter of your life? Want to set and achieve health or lifestyle goals? Coaching is designed to work with individuals facing new life challenges and lifestyles. Make your goal setting and lifestyle changes enjoyable, not drudgery!


Feeling stuck? Not sure about the next step in your life? Want to develop self confidence and a new way of looking at yourself and the world around you? Feeling unmotivated or unenthusiastic about life and where you’re headed? Want someone to help you be accountable with the goals that you set?

Coaching will help you understand and address the negative thoughts which are holding you back from your potential to become the person you envision.


Cognitive Behavior Coaching is an approach that teaches clients how their thoughts create their feelings, resulting in unwanted destructive or self-sabotaging behavior. Cognitive Behavior Coaching helps the client to gain understanding of this process and move forward in order to make better choices and attain goals, self confidence, and overall success. Clients gain a sense of empowerment because they are able to control unwanted thoughts and feelings and lead move productive and satisfying lives.


The ELI is an attitudinal assessment which helps clarify how you view yourself and the world. It shows who you are when you are at your very best and when you are under stress. The goal is help you reduce stress and your stress reaction.

Since attitudes are definitely changeable through coaching, having this information helps you make the necessary adjustments to enjoy a more peaceful and fulfilling life. At the same time, those around you will benefit from the changes you make.


Are you an athlete struggling to reach your goals or wanting to find your individual zone? An executive who dreads making presentations to small or large audiences? A student who experiences test anxiety?

COR.E Performance Dynamics is a program designed to help anyone who desires to take their game to a higher level. Whether you are an amateur, professional, student, or weekend warrior, learning a mastery orientation can help you to reach your individual goals. This unique program will enable you to derive more enjoyment and confidence from both your training and competitive events while helping you to learn to decrease anxiety.

Live the life you've envisioned

What's stopping you?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Coaching is based on a belief that the client innately possess the answers and abilities to make decisions, reach goals, and live a fulfilling life. Coaching, through questioning, allows the client to access these answers and abilities to come to a place of empowerment and confidence in order to reach their potential and lead a positive life without judgment or negativity. Although coaching and therapy can go hand in hand, a coach does not treat mental health disorders or diagnose them. A coach can, and does work with clients who have anxiety, depression or other mental health issues in order to help these clients set reachable goals and identity self limiting behaviors.
  • Coaching is so versatile, we can do it by phone. I can talk with anyone, wherever a person lives, as long as you have a phone. It actually works very well! I just ask that you are fully engaged and not driving, watching TV or using other electronic devices.
  • That is true. Coaching is about helping you find the answers within yourself. I believe that you hold the answers. You are your “higher coach!” I will ask questions that will help you discern what you want out of life and what is holding you back. These questions will also help you make decisions, and set goals that you want to pursue.
  • Whereas other professionals may tell you what to do or give advice, coaching isn’t about that. I believe that you hold the answers within, and I ask questions that help you determine how you truly feel about your life and how you are living, where you want to go as a person, and your plan of action. I believe that if you come up with a plan, you will take ownership of it, and you will succeed because it is your idea!


    I will share with you empowering techniques to help you reach your goals and identify what may be holding you back, but you will be a partner throughout the process.

  • Absolutely! It’s important that you communicate to both of us that you are doing so.
  • The coaching process works best with a commitment, continuity, and follow through on goal setting and the other coaching work we will do together. After you complete the sessions included with your package, you can of course decide whether to continue with the coaching process.