This past year has been difficult for almost all students. Now the end of a very difficult semester is coming to an end. In my practice, I see many students facing the grim realities of the effects of virtual studies.
Many students are experiencing anxiety and low self-worth due to the hardships of not being in class and having few face-to-face interactions with professors and fellow students. Procrastination, lack of organization, and importantly, failure to interact with friends have taken a huge toll on students.

Parents and students are wondering what is possible now. There is hope! If your student is at risk of failing a class, immediately have him speak to the professor or advisor to see what options are available. There are options, and schools are demonstrating compassion and flexibility, however, the student has to be proactive and ask for help.

In order to avoid this situation in the future, regardless of if classes will be virtual or in-person,  this is THE time to have your student look at ways to avoid the painful situation he is in right now next semester. The time is perfect for him to learn strategies to avoid the pain he is in currently. In addition to these techniques, a change in mindset is first and most important.

As students may be facing failure for the first time, their self-confidence has taken a hit, and they are feeling pretty bad about themselves and their future. Coaching can help to reset the mindset and tackle the negative self-talk that is occurring right now. Strategies and techniques for success then become easier to implement.

Let’s talk about how to set your child up for success!