We Train People How to Treat Us

Client #1: “My wife bosses me around. She makes all the big decisions, and she called me a wimp today. She doesn’t respect me at all.”
Coach Arlene- “It makes sense that you feel disrespected when you don’t have a voice in your marriage. What have you done so far to let her know you’d …

Stepping into the New Year with …confusion.

Lately, my social news feeds have been inundated with new year inspirational or motivational posts. You might have seen them, too.
“10 things to bring into the new year!”
“10 things to leave behind in the new year!”
“5 simple things you can do to create happiness, mindfulness, self-awareness… ” The lists are endless.
Then there is advice …

The Joy of Saying No and Setting Boundaries

When clients come to coaching hoping to become more organized, they expect to be given new tools or new ideas for a fancy-schmancy scheduler. They want to set new goals that they feel will help them to become instantly more efficient.
Although those are great ideas it’s not always the best place to start.
In fact, …

They’re Home!

Your young adult is home from college, or your high school or middle school student has just completed finals, STARR tests, and most importantly finished a year of, well, you know.
Just the fact that they made it is a huge success.
Lets’s talk about not only how to end the school year of masks, virtual …


This past year, the pandemic has certainly taught many of us about social distancing and physical boundaries. Judging from what I see in grocery stores and restaurants, we have become pretty good at it!


But how skilled are we at enforcing emotional boundaries?


Saying no to a boss who expects us to answer emails 24/7 or …


Based on the teen and young adult clients in my practice, my observation is that they are doing very well, if not thriving.
Despite what you might be hearing, many students are managing just fine. The clients in my practice have worked on organization, focus, and mindset which has made a huge difference in their …


“She values her political position more than she loves our friendship.”

“She continues to talk about politics when I change the subject. I can’t take it anymore.”

“We’ve always been friends. Why is this the end of a long friendship?”

These statements were made by a client in a recent coaching session. She was distressed …


Recently I was invited to speak to a women’s group on the topic of boundaries (see below). To be honest, at first I was not really excited about this topic. Once I began speaking and hearing the thoughtful reflections from the group, I realized how impactful boundaries are for many of us. Boundaries affect …